Our three-year KS3 curriculum is designed to be ambitious, broad and balanced, to ensure our students have a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences, which will equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to become positive citizens, valued employees/employers of the future and live prosperous lives in modern Britain and beyond. 

The programme of study at KS3 includes core subjects, English, Maths and Science, with one to one tuition and targeted intervention to ensure that all students, regardless of their starting point, can access learning and make progress. 

We also offer Digital Literacy, History, Geography and Spanish, to open the EBACC pathway to all.  Our creative curriculum offers Art, Music, Food Technology and Design Technology, to ensure students have the opportunity to identify and develop their interests and talents. All students at KS3 study Religion and Life, Physical Education and Personal Development, to support them in making healthy, safe and respectful choices. 

The KS3 curriculum has been audited against the National Curriculum to ensure it covers, but is not limited to, the scale and scope of required study. The content has been carefully selected, taking into account local context, and sequenced, to allow students to continuously build upon powerful knowledge in each subject, to ensure learning at KS3 is relevant and valuable in preparing students for their next stage of learning and beyond.