British Values Statement

Thornaby Academy is committed to the development of the whole person. We embrace our wider role in preparing our students for their adult life and we strive to shape them into positive, contributing citizens. We therefore recognise the multi-faith, multi-cultural and ever-changing face of the United Kingdom and the community we serve. We take seriously the vital role we play in safeguarding our students against intimidation or radicalisation by those who wish to unduly, or illegally, influence them. We maintain up to date training in these areas and act immediately on any concerns. Thornaby Academy follows equal opportunities guidance which protects against discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, financial or political status, or any similar. We are a Gold Award Parliament Ambassador school. We firmly believe that Thornaby Academy values are British Values, and we actively promote them.

Democracy The rule of law Individual liberty Mutual respect Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Create opportunities for students to participate in meaningful voting, in which student voice is taken into account and can contribute to their experience of school life, including electing a student council. Encourage students to be involved in Youth Parliament to promote an understanding of the importance of voting. Ensure the curriculum promotes the importance of democracy and role of parliament.

Provide opportunities for students to explore the need for law in protecting citizens; the consequences of criminal behaviour, for both the victim and the perpetrator and the sanctions associated with different crimes. Ensure students learn specific laws relating to community cohesion, such as the Equality Act of 2010, laws relating to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, anti-social behaviour, domestic violence and knife crime and understand their role in contributing positively toward community cohesion. Liaise with police, fire service and external speakers/workshop providers to reinforce the message. Apply our behaviour policy fairly and consistently.

Explicitly teach the relationship between rights and responsibilities, so that students have an understanding that they are entitled to certain rights and freedoms, but in turn, must ensure their choices and actions do not infringe upon the rights on another. Impose a zero tolerance approach to
bullying and deal with issues swiftly and effectively.

Respect underpins our conduct expectations and behaviour policy.

Celebrate diversity, marking festivals from different faiths, learning about a range of religions and customs through the Religion and Life curriculum, which is compulsory up to KS4.