Home Academy Agreement

We are committed to ensuring that your son/daughter receives the best quality education in a safe and stimulating environment.

We can only do this with your help and support, and a strong home – Academy relationship is the key to success:

Academy Staff will:

  • Care for students’ safety and well being.
  • Expect our students to achieve high standards.
  • Encourage students to achieve their full potential as a valued member of the Academy.
  • Provide a personalised curriculum to meet individual needs.
  • Inform parents/guardians of student progress at regular intervals.
  • Respond to questions and comments in an open and honest manner.


  • I agree to support the Academy by encouraging my child to attend regularly, on time and properly equipped.
  • I agree to support the Academy on its policies of uniform, jewellery and behaviour.
  • I agree to support my son/daughter with home Learning.
  • I agree to make the Academy aware of any concerns which may affect my son/daughter’s behaviour.
  • I agree that the Academy has a responsibility to contact help from outside agencies if a student is causing concern of a learning, behavioural or medical nature and that discussions with parents/carers are a priority except in cases of abuse.
  • I agree to attend parent/carers meetings and consultation evenings.
  • I agree that my son/daughter should receive professional medical help in an emergency if I cannot be contacted.
  • I agree to take every opportunity to praise my child and to recognise and encourage their achievement.