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Our Promise & Priorities

The Academy Promise

  • Involve every parent and carer in their child’s education and development
  • Identify the barriers to learning which are associated with the challenges young people face within the community, affecting their readiness and ability to engage and focus on learning`Address these challenges by engaging and working with parents and carers to effect a culture shift to one of higher expectation, where parents and carers ensure their child attends, is supported in their learning and endeavours to make a positive impact on the Academy.
  • Work with external agencies to enhance the education and well-being of the students
  • Collaborate with other providers to provide a broad offer of education and training qualifications
  • Offer relevant learning opportunities to parents and the community.

    Academy Priorities

Here are just some of the changes we’ve made so far.


Academy Improvement Plan Priorities & Objectives 2020-21

Improve leadership and Management

  • Improve the strategic vision so that this is precise and underpinned by a clear and robust rapid action plan
  • Improve quality of leadership at all levels so that the quality of provision in all areas is at least good
  • Embed RAG process to ensure that all staff are accountable and that assessment information is accurate and used effectively to implement intervention and impact positively on outcomes.
  • Increase pupil numbers year on year

Improve Quality of Teaching

  • Improve the curriculum and outcomes especially in Maths, Humanities and Technologies
  • Improve curriculum planning so that the quality of the curriculum, pedagogy and assessment ensure that all learners make at least good progress
  • Design and implement a CPD programme that precisely targets whole school, team and individual training needs to improve outcome

Improve Progress

  • Ensure that all teachers use accurate assessment information in a consistent and timely manner to bring about targeted curriculum planning and targeted intervention
  • Ensure that all teachers provide lessons that require learners to think much more deeply about their learning by responding to carefully planned questioning, stretch and challenge activities
  • Ensure that all teachers plan retention strategies into curriculum planning
  • Improve reading ages by implementing a robust reading strategy and programme across the Academy and providing targeted intervention

Improve Attendance and Attitudes

  • Improve attendance by implementing a robust attendance strategy that tackles poor attendance and punctuality and provides targeted intervention
  • Reduce FTEs and embed revised behaviour policy in classrooms and during social times
  • Establish effective inclusion provision
  • Ensure that the RSE policy complements PRIDE values and is implemented effectively in the curriculum and pastoral programmes to impact positively on all outcomes