Behaviour & Welfare


Our aim at Thornaby Academy is to be a vibrant, purposeful and positive place to learn.

Our Code of Conduct is designed to help students understand what we mean by this. It outlines key points so students have a clear understanding of what we expect from them.

Students have the right to:

  • Learn without disruption
  • Be free from bullying of any kind
  • Feel safe
  • Enjoy equal opportunities
  • Exist within the Academy without fear of prejudice of any kind from any member of the community

The Academy community will not tolerate:

  • Bullying of any kind
  • Any type of violence or threatening behaviour
  • Vandalism, graffiti, or litter
  • Cruel or insensitive behaviour
  • Possession of any banned item
  • Smoking
  • Any signs of disrespect from any member of the community
  • Any disrespectful behaviour towards anyone outside of the Academy
  • Arriving late into the Academy or to lessons
  • Leaving the Academy without permission or missing lessons

At Thornaby Academy, our core purpose is to ensure that every student makes outstanding progress regardless of their starting points. Our PRIDE values promote progress and recognise those learner behaviours that lead to outstanding outcomes.

Steps to Success

We have a clear policy for celebrating positive behaviour that supports learning and one which deals with negative behaviour that prevents learning.

This is the choices process which is a four step approach which allows students the opportunity to manage and modify their behaviour affectively.