Think You Know: Gaming! What Parents Need to Know

For most children and young people, gaming is a fun way to spend time with friends. As with any form of technology or online space, adult offenders can use gaming platforms to target children and build relationships with them.

Gaming! What Parents Need to Know


ParentInfo has been developed by Parentzone in collaboration with CEOP, to provide high quality information to parents and carers about their children’s wellbeing and resilience. It also includes important advice on how best to keep children safe whilst online.

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NSPCC Share Aware

NSPCC has launched a public education campaign, called Share Aware, to help parents keep their children safe online.

The campaign is aimed at parents and carers of children aged 8-12 – the age at which they  start doing more online, become more independent and use a greater range of devices.  The campaign aims to encourage parents and carers to understand online safety and to have conversations with their children about keeping safe.

Having conversations from a young age can help build trust and openness and get preventative messages across.

The Share Aware campaign aims to give parents the tools to feel confident to have these conversations. The campaign directs parents to a range of new resources, including Net Aware, a simple NSPCC guide to the social networks, sites and apps children use – as rated by parents and young people themselves.

There is also a downloadable guide and a hard copy booklet for parents, containing top tips for keeping your child safe online, as well conversation starters to help parents have conversations with their children.

We hope the campaign will help parents talk to their children about staying safe online, as well as encouraging providers to take action to make their sites safer for children.

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UK Safer Internet Centre – Facebook Advice on Security & Privacy

Here at Thornaby Academy we do everything we can, to ensure our students stay safe when using the Internet.

We take E-Safety very seriously and in support of this, we are encouraging our staff and students to make use of the help and advice provided by  the UK Safer Internet Centre.

The link below will take you to   their Facebook Advice and Support page, which will provide links to the  most up to date information on how to secure your Facebook account,  manage privacy settings, block users and much more.


The Internet is a wonderful resource for students to learn and explore, but we need to make sure that they can do this as safely as possible. So  providing them with the tools to help them be as safe as they can be  when using such social networks, is most important.

Keeping Thornaby students safe online

Please check your child’s devices and make sure that they delete the following two apps. 

The police and the NSPCC have advised that both these apps could be used by sexual predators to groom young people and, therefore, put your child at risk. It is strongly recommended that you ask your child to delete them.

If you need any help locating the apps or require any more information please contact us via the email address: tasafeguarding@thornabyacademy.org.uk


‘Yubo’ (formerly known as Yellow) which is described as ‘Tinder for teens’. Its settings enable adults to view children through a service blatantly aimed at flirting and relationships; it also creates an opportunity for sexual predators to target young people.


 ‘MyLOL’ advertises itself as the ‘#1 teen dating site in the US, Australia, UK and Canada’ and claims to have more than 300,000 members around the world. It invites users to meet ‘thousands of teenagers like you’ and then goes on to describe how users can ‘chat with members or privately with someone.’ Teenagers are encouraged to update a profile and share pictures.

Where is your child tonight?

NSPCC release app for parents, Net Aware

The NSPCC and O2 release the updated Net Aware app for parents with the top apps, sites and games.

Net Aware gives information and advice about privacy settings and safety, as well as recommended age guidance and risk ratings for inappropriate content. This can help you decide whether a site is right for a child. Net Aware is available as a free, easy-to-use app! Activate push notifications to be the first to know when a news page is added.

Please click the following links to download the app, it is available on the App Store and Google Play. For more information about Net Aware, please click here.

App Store


Google Play